Open Characters

—> Not listed here because this list is long enough, but if you want to do gender swaps of the characters, no one’s stopping you. We’ll add it on as a new one.

—> Also if you want to do a ‘souless’ version of any character, that’s cool too.

—> Actually you can just do any version of the character you want to

—> Snail version of Castiel? Yeah okay good luck roleplaying that but that’s fine. 

—> We only put characters with actors we felt had significant fandom interaction, but if you want to do a character that’s not on here, then sure, why not.

Jared Padalecki

Sam Wesson 

Dean Smith 

Jimmy Novak

Meta!Misha (can be as douchey as rper wishes, but don’t kill anyone) 

Jim Beaver

Bobby Singer

Jeffery Dean Morgan

John Winchester

Samantha Ferris

Ellen Harvelle

Alona Tal

Jo Harvelle

Chad Lindberg


Mark Pellegrino

Lucifer (Can also pick Jared and their FC because why the fuck not)

Matt Cohen

Little John


Richard Speight Jr.

Sebastian Roché

Genevieve Cortese

Ruby (can FC either actress)

Mark Sheppard


James Patrick Stuart

Dick Roman

Felicia Day

Charlie Bradbury

Rob Benedict

Jake Abel

Adam Milligan

Kim Rhodes

Sheriff Jody Mills

Gabriel Tigerman


'67 Impala